Mountain orange wine, made with the passion of Llarim, combining pleasure, history and health, with the nature of the Pyrenees.


Made with grapes from our organic Blanqueta vineyard, with short maceration and fermentation in their skins. In its alcoholic and malolactic fermentation, no additives or commercial ferments have been added.


A surprising result, whose acidity imposes its freshness and soft texture on the palate. Golden amber in color, that is referred to as “orange wine”, it catches the sunlight behind the transparent glass of the bottle.


Like any good Sauvignon, it evokes the landscape and the climate where it has been grown: the winter snows, the heat of summer in the mid day hours and the drastic differences in temperature.


It tastes of mountain green and the dazzling sky on a sunny morning. Its aromatic potential evolves with hints of ripe fruit in the heat of the Pyrenean summer.


An exciting universe is discovered which reflects flashes from the other side of the moon, a fantastic world behind the mirror of Llarim.


Data technical

Price 18 € / Bottle
Burgundy bottle 75 cl
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2 bottles of any of our wines.
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Bottle dimensions
306x85 mm
Bottle weight
1,3 kg
Packaging dimensions
A320xL180xA270 mm
Packaging weight
8,3 kg