Mountain wine, unique and natural, handcrafted according to traditional viticulture practices in the Pyrenees of Lleida.


Quimal, in Pallarés language, means the most robust branch of the tree, the one that supports the most weight, the safest, the one that never fails, similar to this friendly drinking Tempranillo, good acidity and well integrated tannins.


Made with grapes from our organic Roivert Vell and La Xica vineyards, it is fermented with its own yeast, without any commercial additives, resulting in an expressive and solid, silky and balanced wine.


Its golden color of bright tones, between plum and cherry, announces the unique flavor of the force of nature, the miracle of the sap feeding each vine.


It has a long finish, with hints of candied fruit, roasted notes and fruity aromas, which make it a shining star among natural mountain wines.


Data technical

Price 24 € / Bottle
Burgundy bottle 75 cl
Minimum purchase and shipment

2 bottles of any of our wines.
Free transport for orders over € 60.

Bottle dimensions
306x85 mm
Bottle weight
1,3 kg
Packaging dimensions
A320xL180xA270 mm
Packaging weight
8,3 kg