Our vineyards are located in the Lleida Pyrenees, and extend to the northern mountainous region of Pallars Jussà, a Pyrenean subzone of the DO (designation of origin) Costers del Segre.


Its geographical position and the severe climate have shaped mountains, forests and green terraces where vineyards have grown over time. A sensory experience that extends from the silence populated by birds, insects and all kinds of tiny inhabitants that explore the stems and leaves of the vineyard, to the majesty of the golden eagle and the vulture soaring across the sky. A privileged environment that pampers the vines, and that is reflected in its fruits, providing a unique flavor and aroma, which is the basis of our wines.


The soils are clayey in texture, pebbles and calcareous bedrock, with altitudes between 600 and 700 meters and a significant difference in temperatures between day and night. All this, together with our artisan production, following traditional viticulture practices in the Lleida Pyrenees, makes unique and natural wines that are balanced, with flavors and aromas as intense as they are surprising, as difficult as valued.


It is our mountain viticulture, the one with the greatest difficulty and the one with the highest reward. The good wine.






Grown in our organic vineyards, Roivert Vell and La Xica, where this Spanish grape variety shows its best potential and is the basis of our Quimal and Fira wines.

With a medium body and acidity, it offers fruity aromas such as plum and cherry, which combines with vanilla tones and a slight touch of leather and tobacco, a very characteristic subtlety. Smooth texture on the palate and long persistence.




Of French origin, it is fully adapted to our climate and geology. Grown in the Escadolles organic vineyard, it gives the wines a bright, dark red color, very soft tannins and a remarkable acidity.

The aroma is of ripe black fruit, with hints of currant, violets and wild blackberries. It provides tones of raspberry, pepper, cinnamon and cloves.




This unique variety produces wines that reflect the terroir in which it grows. In colder climates, such as ours, they are wines with remarkable acidity and flavors of fresh grass, green peppers, melon, citrus and tropical fruits, as well as floral hints of white roses and orange blossoms.

Grown in the Blanqueta organic vineyard, it produces our white wine, Llarim.




The local variety Brocada, Riesling and White Grenache.



  • Price 14 € / Bottle

    Burgundy bottle 75 cl

    Minimum order: 2 bottles of any of our wines.
    Free transport for orders over € 60.

    Coupage of Tempranillo and Syrah, we make Fira with grapes from 100% organic vines, fermented with their own yeast and without any commercial additives.

  • Price 18 € / Bottle

    Burgundy bottle 75 cl

    Minimum order: 2 bottles of any of our wines.
    Free shipping for orders over € 60.

    Made 100% with organic Sauvignon blanc grapes, Llarim is initially macerated and fermented with its skins. Its color, good acidity, aroma with a notable evolution in the cup and white fruit flavor stand out.

  • Price 24 € / Bottle

    Burgundy bottle 75 cl

    Minimum order: 2 bottles of any of our wines.
    Free transport for orders over € 60.

    Quimal is a wine made 100% with organic Tempranillo grapes, its process is completely natural, obtaining complex and very marked tasting notes.